Grand Canyon Hiking Photos and Trip Reports

This site hasn’t been updated for a long time. I have so much Grand Canyon material that I’ve been working on new site exclusively about the Canyon, called ELVES CHASM. You can check out my Colorado River rafting journal there and more! My hiking trip reports from this page will be found here in the future.

This is a list of my Grand Canyon trip reports with photos. My GC experience includes an estimated 1,963 miles of hiking over 173 days, with 60 nights spent in the Canyon.

I first came to the Canyon in May of 2008, to live and work at the South Rim as a seasonal employee. I’ve gone away a number of times, but always seem to come back. I still live here today. This is what has allowed me to do so many individual hikes. It also explains why so many of them are long day-hikes.

Here’s a separate index of my photos Along The Rim and around the village.

This list is specifically for hikes in the Grand Canyon backcountry. It’s in reverse chronological order, with the latest updates at the top.

Series of Long Day-Hikes:
- Rim to Rim Day Hike August 2011
- Hermit to Bright Angel in a Day August 2011
- New Hance to Grandview in a Day September 2011
- The Boucher – Hermit Loop in a Day September 2011
- The Escalante Route in a Day September 2011

Climbing O’Neill Butte at Sunset July 2011

Day Hike to Comanche Point June 2011

The Point Huitzil Route April 2011

Climbing Fiske Butte April 2011
- Sunset on Huxley Terrace

Mystic Spring April 2011

Rider Canyon to House Rock Rapid March 2011

William Petty’s Nankoweap to Phantom R2R March 2011

North Fork of Soap Creek March 2011

Shoshone Point Route, and Climbing Lyell Butte March 2011

The Royal Arch Route February 2011
- The South Bass Trail to Royal Arch Creek
- The Royal Arch
- Exploring Elves Chasm, and the Required Rappel
- Toltec Beach to Copper Canyon
- Copper Canyon Routes and South Bass
- Climbing Mount Huethawali

Climbing Berry Butte February 2011

The Wedding Cake January 2011

Fall Foliage at Phantom Ranch December 2010

Proposal Peak – the Coconino Ridge off Grandview – June 2010

Climbing Coronado Butte June 2010

Nankoweap May 2010
- The Nankoweap Trail to Tilted Mesa
- Tilted Mesa to the Colorado River
- Rest Day along the River
- Colorado River to Tilted Mesa
- Tilted Mesa to the North Rim

Ariel Falls of Clear Creek January 2012
- A Winter Hike to Clear Creek
- Ariel Falls
- The Clear Creek and Kaibab Trails

Old Grandview Trail and Cottonwood Creek May 2010

Hike to Mooney Falls May 2010

Climbing The Sinking Ship April 2010

Cheyava Falls April 2010

Clear Creek March 2010
- South Kaibab to Clear Creek
- Exploring Downstream in Clear Creek
- Exploring Upstream in Clear Creek
- Clear Creek to the South Rim

Upper Upper Ribbon Falls March 2010

The Boucher – Hermit Loop February 2010
- Hermit and Boucher Trail to Whites Butte
- Boucher Trail to the Colorado River
- Exploring Up Boucher Creek
- The Tonto Trail from Boucher to Hermit
- Up the Hermit Trail

Haunted Canyon February 2010
- The South Kaibab Trail in Winter
- Utah Flats Route to Phantom Creek
- Exploring Haunted Canyon
- Phantom Canyon to the South Rim

The Escalante Route January 2010
- Snow on the Tanner Trail
- Cardenas Creek and the Hilltop Ruin
- Unkar Overlook and Escalante Creek
- 75-Mile Canyon, the Papago Wall and Slide, and up the New Hance Trail

A Winter Night at Cremation Creek December 2009
- Snow on the South Kaibab Trail
- Exploring Cremation Creek
- Exploring the East Arm of Pipe Creek

Exploring Horn Creek December 2009

Fall Color at Indian Garden December 2009

Climbing Cardenas Butte November 2009

LCR Gorge with Rich Rudow and Todd Martin November 2009

Jackass Canyon November 2009

Cathedral Wash November 2009

Overnight Hike to Cape Solitude October 2009
- The Trail to Cape Solitude
- Sunset and Sunrise at Cape Solitude

River Trail and Lower Miners Route October 2009

Exploring Lower Phantom Creek October 2009

Wispy Clouds on the South Kaibab Trail October 2009

Around O’Neill Butte, and a better Plateau Point
August 2009

Climbing Escalante Butte at Sunset August 2009

Deer Creek – Thunder River Loop August 2009
- Bill Hall Trail to Deer Creek
- River Route from Deer Creek to Tapeats Creek
- Thunder River and Surprise Valley

The New Hance – Grandview Trail Loop July 2009
- The New Hance Trail to Hance Rapid
- Tonto Trail from New Hance to Grandview

Down Old Hance and Up Grandview, with Hance Creek June 2009
- Descending the Old Hance Trail
- Hance Creek to Sockdolager Rapid

Backpacking The Gems (Tonto Trail from South Bass to Boucher) June 2009
- South Bass Trail to Bass Rapid
- Bass Rapid to the East Side of Ruby Canyon
- Ruby Canyon to the East Side of Agate Canyon
- East Side of Agate Canyon to Boucher Creek
- Boucher Creek to Hermit’s Rest

New Havasupai Waterfalls June 2009

Exploring Lower Pipe Creek, and Waterfalls at Garden Creek May 2009

Red Butte at Sunset May 2009

Around The Sinking Ship April 2009

Backpack to Grapevine Creek May 2009
- Grandview Trail to Grapevine Creek
- Exploring Grapevine Creek
- Grapevine to the South Rim via Grandview

Hermit – Tonto – Bright Angel Loop April 2009
- Hermit Trail to Monument Creek and Granite Rapid
- Granite Rapids to Bright Angel Trail

The Old Bright Angel Trail (South Rim) April 2009

Climbing The Battleship April 2009

Lone Pine Canyon Route Below Plateau Point March 2009

Spring at Indian Garden March 2009

Climbing the Butte on Horseshoe Mesa October 2008

Hermit Trail to the Rapids and Back in a Day September 2008

Backpacking Rim to Rim to Rim September 2008
- A Night-Hike on the South Kaibab Trail
- The North Kaibab Trail with Ribbon Falls
- Rim to Rim – north to south via North Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails

Grandview – Tonto – South Kaibab Loop September 2008
- South Kaibab Sunset Hike
- Cave of the Domes and Last Chance Mine
- Horseshoe Mesa to Grapevine Creek
- Grapevine Creek to the South Rim

Two Nights at Tanner Beach September 2008
- Down The Tanner Trail
- The Beamer Trail

Pictographs on the Bright Angel Trail (Mallery’s Grotto) August 2008

Grandview Trail to the west arm of Horseshoe Mesa August 2008

The New Hance Trail August 2008

South Kaibab – Tonto – Bright Angel Loop July 2008

Havasu Falls in a Day June 2008

Bright Angel Moonlight… a night hike on the Bright Angel Trail June 2008

South Kaibab / Bright Angel Loop to Phantom in a Day June 2008
- Down the South Kaibab Trail
- Phantom Ranch, River Trail, Black/Silver Bridges
- Up The Bright Angel Trail

Bright Angel Trail to the 3-Mile Rest House May 2008

It’s not my recommendation for you to attempt to duplicate any of these itineraries without the proper experience. There’s no substitute for personal hiking experience below the rim of the Grand Canyon. The conditions here are like no other place, with a whole new set of rules for those that are accustomed to the trails in the mountains.