Hiking and Rafting the Grand Canyon

I lived at the Grand Canyon for more than five years. I ended up becoming such a fanatic of the place that I feel that it deserves its own website, separate from Down The Trail. It’s called Elves Chasm!

Check out my latest, greatest journal of a Colorado River Rafting Trip through the Canyon!

All of my Grand Canyon Hiking Trip Reports are being moved here too.

Other Useful Grand Canyon Links:

Grand Canyon National Park
Official National Park Service site. There’s a lot of great hiking information here, including the definitive backcountry permit procedure, directly from the rule-makers.

Harvey Butchart’s Hiking Logs & Maps – NAU, Cline Library
The holy grail for an obsessed GC hiker, authored by the most accomplished and obsessive one of them all!

Grand Canyon Hikers Yahoo Group
Active mailing list and extensive message archive

Grand Canyon Hikes – by Jed Dryer
Jed Dryer is my best hiking companion in the Grand Canyon. At the age of 22 he has already logged 2,000 miles of hiking below the rim. This is his list of hikes with select trip reports.

AllHikers.com – Grand Canyon Website by Richard Perry
Numerous trip reports and plenty of hiking information, as well as some great reading about Grand Canyon historical figures and place names. There’s even an interactive quiz to test your GC knowledge!

Todd’s Desert Hiking Guide
Detailed information about many places to hike in the Southwest, primarily in Arizona and Utah. Todd is widely regarded as an authority on technical canyoneering in Arizona and Grand Canyon, having published two guidebooks on the subject. He has explored many places in Grand Canyon where no human being had ever set foot before.