The Savage Alpine Trail


The Savage Alpine Trail is one of the best ways to spend half a day in Denali National Park. There’s only a few trails in the park, and I think that this one (Along with Triple Lakes) offers the best experience. I’d even recommend this over the popular Mount Healy Overlook Trail. This is rated […]

The Savage River Loop Trail


This was just a quick hike that we did with some friends one afternoon after work. Sometimes referred to as the Savage Canyon Trail, this is a simple, 2-mile stroll that’s one of the easiest hikes in the park. Despite its pedestrian nature, the trail lies within some of Denali’s legitimate wilderness. It’s 15 miles […]

Stampede Trail to the “Magic Bus” from Into The Wild

magic bus

Background & Introduction At the risk of sounding like just another Into The Wild movie fan, I must admit that the proximity of the Stampede Trail and the bus sealed the deal in my initial idea to go to live and work at Denali National Park. After moving to Healy, Alaska for the season, I […]