The Sugarloaf Mountain Trail


Sugarloaf is one of the very best and most easily-accessible hikes near the entrance of Denali National Park. It’s ease of access and immediate rewards make it a favorite excursion of the seasonal employees in the area. But be warned – you’ll have to work for it! This hike is about as steep as it […]

The Eielson Alpine Trail and Mount Thoro


After some bad weather thwarted our plans to climb Thorofare Mountain as a backpacking trip, Jackie and I decided that it would best be done as a day hike on July 29th via the popular Eielson Alpine Trail. We surprisingly still hadn’t been down the Park Road as far as the Eielson Visitor Center, so […]

Cabin Creek via the East Fork and Main Toklat River – Unit 31 & 32


The next hike on our list was to go up the East Fork River, west along Cabin Creek behind Polychrome Mountain, and south along the Toklat River to the road. I hadn’t found this hike listed anywhere beyond my friend’s recommendation, so I didn’t know entirely what to expect as far as the terrain and […]