Primrose Ridge and Mount Margaret


A season in Denali National Park goes by so fast. Suddenly in late August it was crunch-time to fit in our last activities before the bus system was due to close in early September. One of the very first hikes recommended to me was Primrose Ridge. It probably has great wildflowers in the spring, but […]

Anderson Pass – Unit 12, 13, and 18


Early August came around, and the end of Denali’s brief summer season was already looming just around the corner. Jackie & I were still shaking off the bad vibes from our recent hikes that were stymied by weather (Little Stony Creek and Mount Thoro) when it was time to start going big. Going big for […]

The Sugarloaf Mountain Trail


Sugarloaf is one of the very best and most easily-accessible hikes near the entrance of Denali National Park. It’s ease of access and immediate rewards make it a favorite excursion of the seasonal employees in the area. But be warned – you’ll have to work for it! This hike is about as steep as it […]